New Patients

What to Expect at Your First Visit

We are committed to making sure that your child’s first visit to our office will be a positive experience. Let your child know that the dentist and the staff are going to explain everything they do. Don’t talk about “needles,” “shots,” or any of those words that will sound “scary” to your child. We will explain everything using language that is non-frightening to your child. If you are anxious about the visit, your child will sense that and will be anxious as well.

At your child’s initial visit, Dr. Farrah will discuss the importance of caring for and preventing dental disease through topics such as oral hygiene and proper nutrition and will discuss growth, dental development, and any associated oral habits.

Dr. Farrah will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help your child achieve the healthy smile you have always wanted. Depending on your child’s comfort, we will clean your child’s teeth, apply a fluoride varnish and complete any appropriate digital dental imaging if necessary.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about your child’s treatment options when you come into the practice.

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Our Policies


An estimate of the amount covered by your insurance company will be provided at the time of your treatment, based on the information they provide to us. The estimate is never a guarantee of benefits or the amount that will be paid. We will file all insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients. This does not, however, transfer the responsibility of your financial obligation to the insurance company. If the amount paid by the insurance company is less than or greater than the estimate, then you will be billed the difference or issued a credit on the account in the event of an overpayment. Please let us know if you have questions about our financial policies or financing options prior to your treatment.

To better understand your insurance coverage you may call your insurance company to verify and check your own basic benefits using this form.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly provide at least 48 hours notice for any appointment that needs to be rescheduled. Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours may be subject to a cancellation charge.

Patient Registration

When you come in for your initial visit, please be sure to bring your dental insurance card and photo ID. If you are moving into the area, please ask your former dentist to send a copy of your records.

New patients are encouraged to complete and submit their registration paperwork prior to their visit using our secure online Registration Form. Please be assured that every precaution has been taken to ensure that our patients’ private health information remains secure.