Pediatric Drill-less Fillings in Herndon

SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride)

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an antimicrobial liquid that is brushed on to the cavity to help stop further tooth decay. SDF application does not involve an injection or drill. SDF can not be placed in very deep cavities and will turn decay black. Cavity size and location can help determine if this treatment is an appropriate option for your child.

Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique

Teeth that have had SDF treatment may be restored with a white type of filling called a glass ionomer (GI). The GI filling will help seal out food debris, release fluoride and help mask the black SDF stain.

Hall Crowns

Preformed stainless steel crowns are pressed down over baby teeth that have multi-surface cavities or larger cavities. The metal crowns seals off and suffocates the decay thus arresting the decay and preventing it from growing further. No injection/numbing or drilling required.