Dental Patient Reviews

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We have been taking our daughter to Tiny Tooth since she was a toddler. She’s now 8. We love the doctor and staff. They are so patient with my daughter and she’s not scared of the dentist thanks to the great experience they provide every visit. I could say many more nice things, but to keep this short- they are so wonderful and have a great location (plenty of parking).


We love this clinic and our wonderful Dr. Keliddar so much! She is so gentle, knowledgeable, listens carefully and explains everything in full. Always gives enough time and attention, kids feel relaxed and happy to go there each time! Clinic is clean, well maintained and pretty decorated. Little play area for kids in the waiting room. Speaking of waiting- we never have to wait long or at all! Check in and scheduling always easy and accommodative. I am happy I found this clinic and the doctor our family trusts! Definitely excited to recommend her to everyone in person as well, that's how grateful I am for her professionalism!


I take my 4 and half years old son to this place since he was 1 year old for his routine dental checkup and we love everything about this place. Their team are Friendly and experienced and the location is really comfortable for kids. My son constantly asking, when do we take him there for his next visit.


We were very nervous as we had an experience at a different practice prior that left my daughter very afraid of going back to a dentist. Dr. Farrah and her whole staff made it a very fast and easy visit. The office is just lovely- clean and so fun. After the visit our daughter got to pick a prize from the cool wall of coin operated prize machines (coin is provided by the staff) what a unique way to give the kids something special! Dr. Farrah was quick and efficient, but took the time to explain everything and gain trust. I would highly recommend them!


We had a great experience! They are so good with little ones and making sure they are comfortable. Would recommend.